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Highlighted Features

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Visitor Features

Purchase Passes Online

Our app makes it easy to purchase single-day, multi-day and annual passes for State and National Parks in our network.

Badge System

We award badges to you for various feats along your journey. Achievements include miles traveled, number of parks visited, adventuring during inclement weather, and many more.

Fast Lane

Cut the lines and take the Fast Lane. Our Fast Lane system reads and validates your pass while you are driving, and can even bill you through the app.

Admin Features


Our analytics are comprehensive, including: most visited points, average time spent in the park, and number of returns for each visitor. We do not collect any personally identifiable information for analytics.


Our primary focus is streamlining your current pass purchase and validation process. Our QR scanner, when coupled with our custom stickers, can validate that a visitor has paid.

Broadcast Ability

We enable our participating parks to broadcast important messages to visitors. These could include weather updates, special events, and emergency broadcasts.

How it Works


We simplify the process of visiting state and national parks. Instead of waiting in line during a portion of your vacation, we enable you to cruise right through dedicated Fast Park lanes that will validate you based on your FastPark sticker.
Using our app and website, you can:

  1. Purchase your pass through the app or website before your trip. You will receive a QR Sticker in the mail, or you can pick it up at the park gate.
  2. Purchase your pass through the app, website or park gate during your trip. You can use your own QR Sticker or pick one up at the park gate.
  3. Drive through a FastPark lane with a QR Sticker on your windshield to auto-purchase your pass.

Track your family's progress through America's state and national parks. Earn badges as you go, redeemable at some of participating businesses.


Our app will decrease your operating costs and our analytics will enable you to gather more comprehensive and accurate insight. We provide valuable insight using the following metrics by the day, week or month:

  1. Number of current visitors.
  2. Average amount of time spent per visitor.
  3. Hot spots and most-visited points.

Our quick-scan technology allows you to expedite visitor entrance to the park and optimize validation of passes by your staff.

Why you should make the switch

Move into the fast lane.

Secure Validation System

For self-pay stations, there is about a 20% chance that a visitor will skip the deposit and required paperwork. We help alleviate this, by offering visitors an expedited way to purchase a pass and by ensuring that your employees are properly equipped to validate or invalidate visiting vehicles.

Improved Customer Experience

Visitors can't stand wasting part of their day waiting in lines. We know, that's why we created Fast Park! Enhance the experience of your visitors by offering them a quicker way to enter and experience your park.

Comprehensive Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics are provided monthly but you can always view an overview on the app by the day, week or month. Our software helps gather all relevant and useful information, while protecting the personally identifable information of your visitors.


Take a look at our user interface and the features of our app.

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